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Our In-Home
Computer Services can alleviate all your computer troubles:

  • Broken Laptop DC Power Jack

  • Computer Malfunctions

  • Hardware Installations

  • Hard Drive backups

  • Network setup

  • Slow internet speeds

  • System optimizations

  • Virus or Spyware infection

  • Windows Error messages


















Welcome to RescueTech USA

Your number one source for on-site computer services !

We pride ourselves on providing clients with
exceptional computer support at competetive prices !

Save 20% off on your first
RescueTech service call !!!



Call on us to diagnose & repair your existing computer malfunctions, be it software or hardware related.  We quickly assess the issues and present you with repair options.  RescueTech USA also provides computer hardware for all your upgrade needs.  Let us rejuvenate your old computer and make it more responsive and improve its functionality well into the future. 

  • Need an antivirus program installed & professionally configured on your new or old computer system?  
  • Is your computer secure and protected with the  right combination of antivirus and anti-spyware software? 

An experienced RescueTech Field Agent can make your Windows based computer run more securely and eliminate your worries about losing performance or control of your computer to a hacker or spyware advertising company.

Do you have a new computer?  We can configure and tune up your computer based on your computing needs.  Have your computer startup faster, have more available memory after startup, and load programs faster with our System Optimizations.  Get the most out of your new computer system ! 

Do you have an older computer that seems to be operating at a fraction of the speed from the day you purchased it?  Have your computer startup faster, have more available memory after startup, and load programs faster.  RescueTech will assess your computing needs in a brief consultation and then give your computer a TUNE-UP, just like a mechanic does to for your car.


RescueTech USA's List of On-Site Computer Services

Hardware Related

• Computer Malfunction – We diagnose, test, & repair/replace faulty system component(s)

• Computer Upgrade Consultation – We identify the computer components that can be
   upgraded to improve system performance to improve the way you use the computer

• Installation Services– We can install, or teach you how to install a newly purchased computer
   component like a new hard drive or memory


Software Related

• Install and configure Antivirus software

• Optimize your system to ensure your computer is performing at peak efficiency

• Configure your computer to eradicate pop-ups

• Eliminate Adware and Spyware from your system

• Teach you the basics of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system

Software Installation

Complete System Diagnostics:   $69.00  –  Thorough checkup of system hardware and software

Operating System Installation:  $59.00  –  Installation of the Windows operating system including web updates

Operating System Service:         $99.00  –  Virus Removal, Spyware removal, System & Registry Repair

Operating System Tune-up:       $25.00  –  Hard Drive File System Defragmentation and System Optimizations

Antivirus Installation:                $30.00  –  Install, update, & configure settings for maximum protection
                                                                   [cost of antivirus software extra]

Anti-Spyware Installation:         $30.00  –  Install, update, & configure settings for maximum protection

Software Installation:                $30.00  –  Install, update, & test basic functionality of software program



Hardware Installation  (Installation Labor Fees only; cost of parts will be extra)

  • CD/DVD Drive ................. $ 30.00

  • CDRW/DVDRW Drive ...... $ 45.00

  • Hard Drive ...................... $ 40.00

  • Memory Chips ................ $ 30.00

  • Network Card ................. $ 30.00

  • Power Supply ................. $ 40.00

  • RAID/IDE Card ............... $ 30.00

  • Sound Card .................... $ 40.00

  • Video Card ..................... $ 40.00


RescueTech USA In-Home Service Warranty:  90-Days Limited Warranty

Serving the Twin Cities:  Minneapolis, St. Paul, & Surrounding Suburbs

Call Today for a free phone consultation or to schedule an on-site computer rescue.

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